Heaven Sent Massage

Jerry Matteo, L.M.T.
Spiritual Awareness Facilitator
"Spiritual Self-Awareness"

"To heal your body,
You must heal your mind.
To heal
your mind,
You must open
your heart.
To open your heart,
You must connect with God.
To connect with God,
You must go within."

Jerry Matteo


Treat Yourself to a Soothing, Relaxing & Nurturing Experience

Supporting integration of "Body, Mind and Spirit" through intuitive massage
& "Spiritual Awareness" facilitation

What is a "Heaven Sent Massage"?
How we see ourselves affects the quality of our life.
Examining our paradigm
The healing process.
The healing process
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Spiritual Self-Awareness

The only way you may really understand how to bring about your own healing, is by
focusing on your spiritual essence
There is a formless energy [an ever-flowing life-force]
which is the construct of everything in the physical universe.
It is this same energy which is the creative source of your physical form. This is who you are.
You are this source energy, not your form. My intention is to re-acquaint individuals with this truth ~

'Divine Love...God, is the ever-present internal life-force. The divine healer within.'

My purpose as a massage therapist and spiritual facilitator is to support individuals, as they reconnect
and re-identify with this internal energy source. By their acknowledgement of this truth about themselves,
they will realize their ability to support their own healing process.

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Examining our paradigm

When you lose sight of your [formless] Divine Self, you get caught up in the illusion of duality and multiplicity. You forget your Oneness with God. Your divine mind becomes lost behind this veil of illusion that your ego has dropped over your eyes. You have separated yourself from that which unites us and you have become attached to your personalitity and your individualism. When you identify yourself by your physical self and/or this personality, you become bound by the pains and pleasures of your body and by the misconceptions of your mind. You subject yourself to their limitations. You trade off the experience of knowing your true spiritual self, for living within the contrived realities of this ego mind. Your mind creates an illusion of lack and fills you with desires and you forget that you are whole and complete.

In order to regain the lost experience of your natural state of spiritual bliss, [with much effort] you search in the physical world for fulfillment. By operating this way [from your ego's thought patterns] you create internal stress which affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. Living your life in this manner disrupts your body's delicately balanced nature, thus creating a physiological shift in your Well-Being. Excessive physical exertion, self-defeating thinking of how you see yourself as not okay, or the suppression of certain emotions, ultimately manifests in your body as dis-ease in the form of mental or physical illness and/or muscle tension.

When you re-identify yourself as your whole and complete Spirit within and re-gain your sense of Oneness with the Divine Love which is the harmony of all life, you experience synchronicity and balance with the natural rhythm of the universe. When you bring your awareness to the reality that this 'pure love' energy is your true Self, your physical being gravitates toward that perfect state, and a natural healing takes place.

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A "Heaven Sent" Massage~The healing process

Your physical body is interconnected with nature. As with all of nature, all aspects of your body function optimally when allowed to operate at their own natural rhythm.

Some physical benefits of massage are:

*Improved circulation of blood and lymph, supplying nutrients to and cleansing toxins from body tissues. *The relaxation of stressed muscles and over-taxed internal organs;
*I improved muscle tone and reduced muscular atrophy.

Massage also provides a nurturing connection which can aide in alleviating the effects of emotional trauma. Emotional experiences perceived through your various modalities, are simultaneously recorded in your body's cellular memory as well as in your mind's memory. When contacting the physical body during a massage, such an emotional experience may become re-stimulated, causing it to resurface with all of the impact of it's first occurrence. Expression or release of these emotions, further assists in the relaxation and balancing of the body.

Thought patterns play a major role in shaping and maintaining the condition of your physical and emotional bodies. Whenever an emotional release takes place, a related, "non-supportive" thought pattern can usually be uncovered in the process. By re-identifying with your "spiritual" Self, these patterns may be replaced with healthy insights [re-framing], thus allowing you to feel at peace and re-affirm your "Whole-ness".

When this integration of 'Body-Mind' & 'Spirit' is established, you become able to experience the nature of your Higher Being through Self-awareness and Self-love, and as a result, manifest a healthy physical form.

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Some clients comment:
"I make a point to request Jerry for a massage every time I travel to Pacifica Graduate Institute for coursework. After five days of deep healing work and academic rigor, Jerry is able to melt the stress out of my muscles. Equally as heavenly, he is able to completely put my mind at ease. I float out of our sessions, yet I feel balanced and grounded. I highly recommend a session with Jerry as part of anyone's self-care routine."
-Rachel, Nutrition Consultant and Writer, San Diego, California
"...a responsible, disciplined, aware and caring person. Jerry conducts his life from a place of truth and love for himself and others."
-Grace Thomas, M.F.C.C./Esthetician Santa Barbara, California
"I have had very profound inner journeys under Jerry's soothing touch. His professional expertise allows me to relax and open up. Having a massage by Jerry is like being re-born."
-Oceanna, Artist/Musician/C.M.T. Ventura, California
"Jerry has many beautiful gifts, both as a healer and a spiritual teacher. While receiving his massage, I experience deep, nurturing comfort and lots of love and support."
-Cheryl Barber, L.M.T. Santa Barbara, California

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There is a place...
...where there are no worries
...where there is no pain
...a place where as angels, we may dance
in the ocean of bliss known as God.
To return, all we need to do is remember...
..."WE ARE ONE."
Jerry Matteo
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The body is the temple where
God is the innermost shrine.

It is a sacred instrument capable of being used for performing Divine actions
in the physical world.

Honor it as such and maintain it in good condition, so that it may serve that higher purpose."

I look forward to serving you...

Jerry Matteo, L.M.T.

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Treat yourself to an experience that is truly" Heaven Sent"
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